Friday, April 18, 2014

Uppermost - Evolution [Album]

Uppermost's new album is here! After listening to the preview of Fly, I've been pretty excited for what was in store. Uppermost continues his grungy, fresh, dynamic electro house brilliance. He never leaves us bored with this one. I'm amazed Uppermost hasn't gotten the same kind of recognition as other great French EDM artists like Justice or Daft Punk as his music is right up there.

The highlight of the album is definitely Fly as the must listen to track. Street Flash, Format Funk, and Last Codes for that abrasive and banging style Uppermost is known for. Left Unsaid is the glowing euphoric track that closes it all out.

So you'd better take the most of your upper and listen to the king of underground electro house!

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  1. Ah those... grungy elements (is that how you describe 'em?) in some of his songs, like Last Codes and Side Effects. I love that stuff, he did an amazing job with this album!

  2. Side effects was my favorite, had a different, sorta, essence about it

  3. This was pretty sweet. Not sure it's got a single track I really adore, but as an album it's pretty damn good.