Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Middle Milk - Leranti [EP]

Today's artist is a bit silly. But for some reason I keep coming back to him. It is strangely addictive and euphoric but then throws in some de-tuned elements you wouldn't expect. It reminds me of Mord Fustang but purposely flawed. It has that electro house video game kind of sound to it.

If you enjoy these tracks, check out the rest of his album at Soundcloud. You can buy the album at Beatport or Bandcamp.


  1. It isn't exactly my cup of tea, but they've got some fine sounds in there. I especially like Duckhouse, really quirky sound.

    1. Ya Duckhouse is my favorite too. Pretty sick intro and I would be totally in love with the track but I'm not a huge fan of the quirky drop. Still dig it a lot though.

  2. Rabies was a fun one, Duckhouse sounds like aliens are about to come and break out the probe lol

  3. This is just better appreciated live for me, with at the very least a few dozen in the crowd sharing sweat as we all jump up and down.