Friday, March 30, 2012

Mix of the Week: Kill City (Live on the Vortex)

Kill City (Live on the Vortex 03.24.2012) FREE 320kbps DOWNLOAD! by Kill City

Kill City pulled off an awesome hour long mix on a local FM radio station last weekend and they have uploaded it to the internet for all to hear. It's always cool that this station goes from pop electronic to the more savage dubstep/electro for 6 hours every Saturday night. I always tune in, but this mix especially is good and I have listened to it many times since last weekend.

If you'd like to avoid the conversation in the beginning, skip to 2:00. If you don't like wubble, then I'd recommend skipping this mix. However, you'll be missing out some heavy bass hitting great music if you do!

Download this mix for free here (128mb)


  1. It was pretty good at parts, others I found a bit meh though, still must have taken quite the amount of skill to put it together.

  2. Ooo, I was sent here by d4 and I love it! Especially from 8:00 - 12:00! :D

  3. I wasn't feeling for a mix today. I think the only reason I decided to actually give it a listen was out of loyalty to you. Now, let me just say that 'm glad I like you. I wouldn't say it's the best mix ever, but this took guts to make. Gotye and Emika right at the beginning there? Not that he bettered the version, but that takes serious balls and he managed to pull it off (if barely) and that earns my respect. Pity it's got lame radio talk show host talking, and another pity it's 128mb, but all the same I'm getting it. He stripped down Skrillex' Scorpion Theme and made it effing BADASS geeze.

  4. Going to download this one and give it a proper listen

  5. Had to stop it halfway, can't study with this kind of music. :P

    1. lol definitely not studying music! Something more steady like trance imo.

  6. Loved this mix.. so did my flatmate!