Friday, March 23, 2012

Mix of the Week: Dada Life’s Musical Freedom

Download Dada Life Dada Life's Musical Freedom (Continuous Mix)

Dada Life - Kick Out The Epic Motherf**cker (Vocal Extended Mix)
Tonite Only - Haters (Nicky Romero Out Of Space Remix)
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Vocal Extended Mix)
Danny Marquez & Chunks - Bust the Beat (Original Mix)
Nom De Strip, TJR & Sue Cho - My Life (Original Mix)
Tommy Trash - Future Folk (Original Mix)
Dada Life - Unleash the F**cking Dada (Original Mix)
Felguk - Bassive (Original Mix)
Audionite - Kling Klong (Original Mix)
Dyro - Daftastic (Original Mix)
Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic (Original Mix)
Dem Slackers - Schlingel (Original Mix)
Bassjackers - Mush, Mush (Original Mix)
Dada Life - White Noise / Red Meat (Original Mix)
Afrojack & R3hab - Prutataaa (Dada Life Remix)
Marco V - Analogital (Original Mix)
Dada Life - Rolling Stone T-Shirt (Cazzette Approaching Starry Homes Mix)
Tiësto - Maximal Crazy (Original Mix)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Had to dwl wouldn't play otherwise, very nice mix though.

  2. hit download before even listening to it, i know it'll be good. thanks buddy.

  3. Bang! These guys can't disappoint with a mix lol

  4. You've really got to listen to all of them at a go.

  5. Your posts help me impress my friends with my dj'ing selections... Thanks mate. Keep it up awesome man.

  6. Great mix...again...cheers

  7. i'm just blog walking and very surprise when we stopping here, cause you has a beautifull blog. Congratz.

  8. I'm with Pat, my play button doesn't work, so I had to download it before listening. But I don't regret it. This mix is awesome!

  9. Play button's not working dude. Or was it your plan so that we would HAVE to download the song??

  10. Hm, I seem to have a preference to tracks that I recognize.