Monday, February 27, 2012

SubVibe - This is SubVibe [EP] [Free Download]

Here's some super sick heavy hitting electronic produced by SubVibe from the UK. The best part? Yup, released for free to spread like a virus on the interwebs. These tracks don't disappoint and the entire album contains EIGHT tracks and I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Download This is SubVibe [EP] for FREE here!

01 SubVibe - This Is SubVibe.mp3
02 SubVibe - Burn.mp3
03 SubVibe - Gangsters.mp3
04 SubVibe - Velocity.mp3
05 SubVibe - Burn (Boyinaband Remix).mp3
06 SubVibe - Burn (Fonik Remix).mp3
07 SubVibe - Gangsters (Fuzion Remix).mp3
08 SubVibe & Tide - No Words.mp3

Get a taste of what you'll hear on the album from these previews after the jump. Enjoy!

SubVibe - This Is SubVibe [FREE EP DOWNLOAD] by SubVibe

SubVibe - Velocity [FREE EP DOWNLOAD] by SubVibe

SubVibe - Gangsters [FREE EP DOWNLOAD] by SubVibe


  1. I liked the first the best, some was a bit heavy, but still very good.

  2. Really well produced... nice of him to give away some free stadium rockers.

  3. Since I will be moving to the UK later in the year, this is the type of music that is the most popular there?

    1. haha maybe it is I have never been there before :X I'd say EDM has gone mainstream though in the US at least. I usually post the less popular but incredibly awesome artists on my blog.