Thursday, February 23, 2012

Electric Addict Mix #9

Time for mix #9 and I don't normally brag but this is one banging mix! Let me know what you think whether you hate or love my selection. The set is slam packed with over 63 minutes of massive bass, euphoria, glitch, and electro that gets you pumped! All of my selected tracks are NEW and one is not even released yet!

Comments are much appreciated.

PS! If you have a mix that you want people to hear, I post one mix a week. Next week I will choose a favorite of mine that either someone sends me or I find. Submit your mix to me at and I'll decide whether to post yours or not.

If for any reason the player below does not work, try using this link here instead.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Electric Addict Mix #9 by Electric Addict


  1. I'm downloading this and taking it to the gym to give it a thorough listen

    1. Perfect mix for a 6 mile even had Fat Boy Slim coming in just as I started my first hill.

  2. At first I was kinda eh, but, it totally grew on me. Nice mix! Wouldn't say banging, more like addicting.

  3. pretty good man.

  4. You know I have been waiting for this. I am your biggest fan. Feel free to send me an autographed picture.

  5. Really good mix to listen to while visiting other blogs.

  6. Loved every minute of it. Cheers.

  7. That was amazing! i loved it, keep up the good work!

  8. This is amazing! Really liked listening to it.