Monday, December 19, 2011

Uppermost – ‘Polis’ Album [Free Download]

So here it is as promised. Uppermost's latest album for free in full high quality 320 KBPS Mp3 format.

Download the 'Polis' album FREE here!

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Also check out my previous post for a review on "Action".

'Polis' Tracklist
1- Uppermost - Evi
2- Uppermost - Dixit
3- Uppermost - Atma
4- Uppermost - Bastel
5- Uppermost - Vandal
6- Uppermost - Acedia
7- Uppermost - Etc
8- Uppermost - Bios
9- Uppermost - Aven
10- Uppermost - Satellite


  1. great i xo loved it thnx 4sharing bdw come thru my blog sometime n follow if ul like what u c or read

  2. Great video to really show off the tune, can't beat free either.

  3. That video is sick. I really am impressed with the athleticism of these people.

  4. Great music great video great stunts.

  5. finally, some good ol' fashioned french electro! loving it!

  6. great song and music..such a great video..nice post

  7. These guys in this video must be AWESOME at playing "The Floor is Lava"!!