Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Electro] Uppermost - Action [Album]

I gotta say Uppermost is quickly gaining spots in my top electronic artists. He has a proper electro sound in my opinion filled with heavy, epic and euphoria. It seems like he always can deliver the goods and never keeps me bored. He switches up his style enough that I keep myself entertained. I gotta hand it to Uppermost, this album is huge and he deserves a lot of success with this album.

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Tracklisting :

1. Machine Code
2. Positive
3. Futur
4. Countdown
5. Born Limitless
6. Action
7. Discolored
8. Gone
9. Lovely Soul
10. The City
11. Obey The Rules
12. No Human Code

Not only that but Uppermost made a video as well!


  1. excellent selection of songs
    very good list

  2. The images in the video go perfectly with the song! Every song should have a video like this!

  3. This is music!! I should buy the album.

  4. That sounds so pleasantly angry. I could go for some more.

  5. I really liked the video. The song fits perfectly with the chaotic images the video has.

  6. Video and sound fits perfectly!

  7. Never heard of this guy before which sucks because his stuff rules o;

  8. I have to agree with @Natural One on this one.