Friday, September 30, 2011

[Electro] Tits and Clits - Labyrinth [EP]

Gotta love the name Tits & Clits!

From Budapest, Hungary these guys rip it up with Electro House. I've featured some of their tracks in my DJ sets but I think they deserve a post with their new EP: "Labyrinth".

My personal favorite of the tracks is Icarus but a close second by Daedalus. All in all, they are all three great tracks. Which one is your favorite?

Tits & Clits - Daedalus by Tits & Clits

Tits & Clits - Icarus by Tits & Clits

Tits & Clits - Ariadne by Tits & Clits

Thursday, September 29, 2011

[Electro] The S - Haunting Melodies [EP]

The S are at it again! Just when you think they're done, they have more music coming out. Can't really get enough of their sound, they do a great job blowing my mind with each release.

Haunting Melodies is due to be released October 3rd.

Check it out!


01 - Haunting Melodies
02 - Big Red Planet

The S - Haunting Melodies EP - PromoMix - Out 3rd October by The S

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Electro] Wolfgang Gartner - Weekend in America [Album]

New album from the master Wolfgang Gartner himself. A lot of the tracks we have heard already like Illmerica and Space Junk but there is a lot of new stuff here as well. Wolfgang Gartner was one of the first artists I listen to that got me into electro house in the first place. He still paves the way for other electronic artists and continues to make huge tracks. 'Weekend in America' is no exception!

Buy "Weekend in America" here!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Electro] Uppermost - Action [Album]

I gotta say Uppermost is quickly gaining spots in my top electronic artists. He has a proper electro sound in my opinion filled with heavy, epic and euphoria. It seems like he always can deliver the goods and never keeps me bored. He switches up his style enough that I keep myself entertained. I gotta hand it to Uppermost, this album is huge and he deserves a lot of success with this album.

Buy it here!

Tracklisting :

1. Machine Code
2. Positive
3. Futur
4. Countdown
5. Born Limitless
6. Action
7. Discolored
8. Gone
9. Lovely Soul
10. The City
11. Obey The Rules
12. No Human Code

Not only that but Uppermost made a video as well!

Monday, September 26, 2011

[Electro] Porter Robinson – Spitfire EP

Huge track from the famous 19 year old. The Spitfire EP contains six original tracks.

The track 'spitfire' starts off like a trance song I've heard before and then jumps into breaks and glitch. It sounds absolutely sick. 'Unison' is a close second. Overall, Porter Robinson is able to pull off a euphoric trance with epic drops into electro glitch break. Great combinations!

I liked almost all the tracks except for "100% In the Bitch" which is a Moombahton track.

Spitfire by Porter Robinson

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Andy's iLL & MDMK - w.c.i.a.f.n. [Free DL]

Another freebie today! It's a heavy collaboration between Andy's iLL and MDMK.

It has a nice build up and heavy drop. Quite the massive tune.

Check it out!

Download 'Andy's iLL & MDMK - w.c.i.a.f.n. (original mix)' here.

w.c.i.a.f.n. - Andy's iLL & MDMK by Andy's iLL

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

COYOTE KISSES - Acid Wolfpack [Free Download]

Sorry I was gone much longer than expected but I'm back finally!

Today's incredible tune combines glitch electro and dubstep to make something magical. The song features awesome synth break downs and annihilating keyboards. Not only that but Coyote Kisses is giving it out free! What gentlemen they are.

Download 'Coyote Kisses - Acid Wolfpack (320 kbps)' here.

Check out this single!

Acid Wolfpack by COYOTE KISSES

Saturday, September 10, 2011

[Electro] The S - Yuk It Up EP

New epic tracks from 'The S' that I am absolutely in love with! I love everything the S does but this is EP is especially good. It has the usual we have come to expect from The S including epicness, heavy synthesizers, and quality melodies.

This EP contains 'Yuk It Up' and also 'I Feel You'.

Yuk It Up EP - {Yuk It Up + I Feel You} Out on 3rd September on Mahtrasher Rec by The S

Friday, September 09, 2011

Unexpected Leave of Absence

Well what can I say I did not expect I'd be leaving this weekend but I am.

But fear not! I have provided a compilation of electronic music for you to rock out to over the next few days.

I will have one scheduled post for tomorrow.

Unfortunately I will not be able to respond to comments till Monday.

Enjoy these last sunny days.

Let me know what tune is your favorite.

The picture is an old piece of artwork I did. Just listening to some music on the ipod :)

Listen to the music after the break.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

[Electro] DallasK - Jupiter (Original Mix) [Free DL]

Big tune today! From Dallas Koehlke, Orlando, Dallask has produced his most successful track yet. His last EP, Front/Back stayed on the top 10 electro house chart on beatport for several weeks.

Currently 'Jupiter' is number 15 in the electro house list. Check it.

buy: beatport

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


New Justice track that a lot are calling "underwhelming". I have pretty high expectations after experiencing the "Cross" album several years ago. However, I'm still excited to see what else they are producing.

The video is nice enough but it's not a good thing when that's all I can say I like about the song. The name is nice too, but the music just doesn't grab me.

Has Justice lost their touch?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

[Electro] Al Bizzare - Blast Wave

I've been listening to this tune a lot over the past few days. It's upbeat and gets the blood moving in a up tempo electro house kind of way.

Check it out!

The mau5trap biography says:
“mau5trap records is a record label. we make records. dj's play our records for people to listen to. sometimes people dance to it, or play it in their cars. that's all there is to it really.”

Mau5trap is deadmau5’s own label and has been the home to some of the biggest electronic music released in the last three years.

buy: beatport

Al Bizzare - Blast Wave by mau5trap records

Monday, September 05, 2011

[Electro] Joe Garston - Reality Check (teaser)

Huge electro house track out today from Joe Garston.

It starts out a lot like his previously released electro tune, 'Top of the World', but becomes a banger almost immediately.

It's worth checking out, worth buying. Released 8 hours ago. Unfortunately this is only a piece (teaser) of the song, but you can buy the full version.

BUY: beatport

Joe Garston - Reality Check **OUT NOW** by JoeGarston

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another Madeon Post [Video]

Yes another Madeon post but he's so awesome so why not.

It's a music video for 'Pop Culture' that was done very well. I love how they don't use any special effects but instead use clever positioning and perspective like a well taken photograph. The idea that music creates an atmosphere where you can't help but dance is fantastic. Everything about the video, the scenes, the people and positioning all is mesmerizing to say the least. I've watched the video at least a dozen times now.

Music is perfect. Video is perfect. Recipe of success for Madeon. He's going viral!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

We're moving to

The site will be staying on Google Blogger but the domain will be changing from --->

It's a small change and you'll be redirected for the next few days. However, in a few days the .com address will no longer work.

Look forward to another music post tomorrow.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Tiësto - Maximal Crazy (teaser)

Tiësto has a new track on the way due to be released September 5th. It's not your normal Tiësto style but I hear great things in this track!

Lucky for you I have the full track here right below. The free download is a live rip. You can watch the official teaser video as well.

Tiësto - Maximal Crazy

Thursday, September 01, 2011

[Electro] F.O.O.L - Call To Krieg [Free DL]

You may remember I posted a teaser to F.O.O.L's war themed EP in August. Well now F.O.O.L has released the album for free to download!

The album features a electro war theme with orchestral influences and melody intertwined. FuckOurOrdinaryLives always delivers and this album is no different. And they are giving it out free!

You could also download the song below for free but I would recommend just getting the full album

. F.O.O.L - Krieg by FuckOurOrdinaryLives