Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unleash The Scary Side (Felguk Mashup) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The group from Brasil, Felguk, put together a crunchy mashup of three songs:

Felguk - Side By Side (Original Mix)
Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Original Mix)
Dada Life - Unleash The F***ing Dada (Dirtyloud Remix)

The resulting sound is massive! Take a look for yourself. Free Download Click Here.

Unleash The Scary Side (Felguk Mashup) FREE DOWNLOAD by felguk

They also recently released a track called "Blow Out" which is also worth checking out. I love the way the song starts and the electric screaming that starts around 1 minute. Great track!

Felguk - Blow Out by felguk

Today, Felguk released a preview of an upcoming dubstep track called Plastic Smile. I'm not really into it but if you like dubstep a lot you might like it.

Felguk vs. Example - Plastic Smile (ITUNES PREVIEW) by felguk

My favorite song by Felguk has to be the original: Side By Side

Felguk - Side by Side + Intro by felguk


  1. Scrillex is fuckin beast, one of the best DJ's in the actual scene.

    Dubstep is fuckin beast too, but i think Tiesto is a little better than Skrillex, but they are both good and gold.

  2. and WOW, fuckin remix, lol, hearing them now.

    Followed, liked, whatever :p

  3. Following now! I like your layout and all, yoube put alot of work into this, look foward to seein all of your posts

  4. hey im adding you to MC so ima be back daily, Doin my share,i hope you do the same for me.

  5. First one was the better. Adding skrillex to the original track was so cash. Great job brazilian fellas.

  6. Felguk, never heard of them, but I'm a fan.

  7. Love it! And it really sucks you have trouble getting to my blog...I have a profile and everything. I will just have to comment every day and tell you how wonderful you are!

  8. nice music buddy!
    keep it up

  9. Unfortunately I hav no sound here but I'll make sure to check it later.

  10. What the hell is with that picture?

  11. I like that mash-up more than any of the 3 songs they used in the mash-up, so kudos to them, that was great.

  12. Hahah funny pic. First guy is like "You maaaad" and the second one is saying "Nah I ain't even mad" But for the music, great stuff once again. All of the tracks were sick except the last one. Side by side by side by kind of got annoying. Great post!

  13. I kinda like "Blow Out".

    Thanks for posting these

  14. Your favorite track happens to also be my favorite track from the bunch. I like your taste.