Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ronald Jenkees is back!

It just might be your lucky day! If you haven't heard of Ronald Jenkees, then be prepared for a treat! Ronald has a passion for creativity and sharing with the world is unique style and flavor in the electronic genre of music. I love his attitude towards life and his talent he shares. Here's a quote from his website:

If someone has no way of paying for my music, or if it's "against their religion" to pay for anything digital (LOL), whatever the reason, I'd personally rather those people be able to enjoy my music rather than to not hear it at all. I'm not going to give a tutorial on how to download torrents of my album (google it, it's simple stuff) but I'm also not going to hate on anyone that downloads my music or shares it with a friend.

As an independent label, all the money he makes goes straight to him. No middle man making him work hard for someone elses benefit. He realizes that some people will pirate no matter what but looks at it as a compliment of appreciation for what he's doing.

His last album "Disorganized Fun" featured such tracks as "Throwing Fire" & "Stay Crunchy". But Jenkees passion for music did not leave him in 2008 and he's still producing tracks! You can check out all he's doing on his soundcloud or website but I have some of his old and brand new in this post.

Here are some of his new tracks:

Early Morning May (part 2) by ronaldjenkees

RJCD3: Sidetracked by ronaldjenkees

To see more tracks by Ronald Jenkees, click "Read More" . .

7 Times by ronaldjenkees

Error Me Out by ronaldjenkees

Here is some of his older tracks:


  1. Downloaded Disorganized Fun a few months ago and been a fan of the guy ever since, some of these new tracks really show development that I wasn't expecting, this stuff makes me happy.

  2. This guy's tracks sound really good.

  3. some kick ass tracks there!

  4. i made a Facebook group for electro. make it grow? im on dubhunters which is bomb

  5. short snippets but they sound really good

  6. it's great to hear that he is cool with downloading and he's really talented too. I gotta get one of his albums.