Monday, June 13, 2011

F.O.O.L - The Freak [EP] Teaser

Just a few hours ago, F.O.O.L (Fuck Our Ordinary Lives) released a teaser of their new EP labeled "The Freak". Again F.O.O.L shows us that the heavier trash side of electro can be melodic. The result is one of my favorite electro trash artists :)

Out of the four tracks, "Over The Fence", is my favorite and starts at 1:43 on the Soundcloud player.

Be sure to check out the teaser!

The EP includes the following tracks:
1. F.O.O.L - The Freak (Original Mix)
2. F.O.O.L - Over The Fence (Original Mix)
3. F.O.O.L - Delusion(Original Mix)
4. F.O.O.L - Plastikk (Original Mix)

EDIT: F.O.O.L has taken down the EP to make final touches.