Friday, May 13, 2011

Electric Addict Set 7

Whew I made it to 7! It has been a minute since my last one, but at last I have created another beast! I've put a fine set together that starts off with uplifting electro house and moves into harder more metal electro and then ends with some trance choones :)

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Electric Addict Set 7 by Electric Addict

Click 'Download' for Full Quality. Preview is Low Quality

Mord Fustang - Lick The Rainbow (Original Mix)
Jay Saunders - Into Orbit (Original Mix)
Uppermost - System32 (Club Mix)
J Scott G, Imprintz, Kloe - Return Of The King (Callum B Remix)
The S - Death & Rainbows - TEASER
The Noisy Freaks - D.R.E.A.M (Dead CAT Bounce Remix)
Andy's Ill & Overwerk - Stop, Drop & Roll (Original Mix)
Fantastadon - Good Times Dub (Original Mix)
No Hesitation - Bingo (Original Mix)
Dead CAT Bounce Feat You Killing Me - Justice (Tits & Clits Remix)
Rotze - Redux (The 'S' Remix)
Aaren Reale - Black (Hantise remix)
Hack the System - Collapse (Original Mix)
NARSTI - Not As Strong As The Machines (Original Mix)
King Minos - Royal Family (Original Mix)
M6 & Klauss Goulart - Hidden Light (Original Mix)
Tiƫsto - Green Sky (Original Mix)
Ryan Connolly - Baking a Cake(Murphex Twin)

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  1. I haven't been a big fan of this genre but I'm figging the shit of this music!

  2. Rocking man i always remember the MMO of Granado Espada Sword of the new world. Tiesto made a few songs for them

  3. You never cease to amaze, you definitely have talent, man. Good job.

  4. That is a really great set. As the others have said, you have some talent.

  5. You have an awesome talent, loving it ;D

  6. dude, this is blowing my mind. keep it up man

  7. ah wow, thats a great track list

  8. I wish I had the talent to make this kind of good beats. Sweet blog, following

  9. This was pretty well put together, I enjoyed it a bunch. Nice work!

  10. Awesome set bro, loving every track ;D

  11. Awesome man! Love this blog.

  12. Great blog! Keep the good stuff comming.

  13. This mix is amazing. I'll probably listen to this all night lol

  14. SUPER list !!!

    Thank's for sharing.

  15. awesome list that you have here...keep up the good work!

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  16. It's great, keep em coming!

  17. nice track list, keep it up. I'm following for more!

  18. I like you're tastes man

    Ima listen to this next time i burn :)

  19. Awesome track! Great blog, definately following! :)

  20. yo Frankly this cat is off the hook i be up all night on thiz shit