Sunday, February 20, 2011

Electric Addict Set 1

Today I've done my first mix! I hope you enjoy because I enjoyed making it The set focuses on heavy electro with two requests fulfilled and a classic trance track for the end. Post comments on what you liked and dislike about the set! Thanks

Here's the tracklist:

Imprintz and Kloe - Bulldog (Original Mix)
Heiko and Maiko - Wer Ist Sie (Porter Robinson Remix)
Dada Life - White Noise/Red Meat
Felguk - Whatever Clever (Dirtyloud Remix)
Blende - Peaches (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
Lupo - Say What (Farace Remix)
Justice - Phantom pt II (Boys Noize Remix)
Afrojack - Replica (Original Mix)
Carla B - Just A Thought

Email: electricaddicted@gmail (dot) com


  1. cool mix bro keep up the good work
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  2. My brother's loving this blog, same tase of music!

    Fill follow and support, keep the good music coming for my bro, heh :)

  3. listening to your podcast while browsing the rest!

  4. Hello BRO!!

    I went here today!!!

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  5. its awesome just listen to the 1st 10mins and im loving it

  6. Fuckn awesome song. Good work man!

  7. great tracklist, following you to hear more of your tunes

  8. Nice work!

  9. sounds pretty good, mate. gonna leave this on for a while!

  10. Finally had some time to listen to this, three last songs were GOOD. Thanks for sharing

  11. i'm also browsing while listening to your compilation, nice :)

  12. good stuff man keep it comin

  13. you're one of the first blogs i'm checking today, the set starts off good so i'll leave it playing while i browse the rest. thanks. :)

  14. Thanks for the feedback guys! I will do another show this Sunday 8) And keep a weekly show going as long as someone is willing to listen haha

  15. this has really gotten me into this music. props!

  16. Interesting. Looking forward to more.

  17. Do you use audacity, by chance?

    I follow and support those who do likewise.

  18. @Toast Burnt
    I used fruity loops to mix this but I have used Audacity in the past.

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  20. awesome dawg

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  21. good shit bro! you have very similar tastes to me haha.

  22. Not sure you can call 2007 'classic trance', but hey SCREW all that classification. Good music is good music.
    I like:
    a The selections - but for one I'm meh about don't know which just stood out from the rest - kind of more of a summer vacation vibe to it?
    2 That you didn't *try* to (over) mix it but it flowed really nicely all the same.
    * your surly voice. 'DJ's think it's not cool to use a mic. Do it more I say - connect with your audience. Yeah, screw 'birthday shout outs' and 'everyone get on the floor and do the DINOSAUR! iiiihhht's Was Not Was!' n that, but I liked your little vocal interlude and it was recorded pretty nice too.

    Great remix of Justice.
    'Boys Noize' - going to check 'em out.